CJ-53m 60°-V Crane Electrical Parts Angle Sensor A240600000159

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Sany
Certification ISO9001
Model Number CJ-53m/60°-V
Minimum Order Quantity 1PC
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Carton
Delivery Time 1-3 working days
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 30PCS/M

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Product Details
Model Number CJ-53m/60°-V Price Negotiable
MOQ 1PC Color Red
Packaging Details Carton Delivery Time 1-3days
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union Place Of Origin China
High Light

CJ-53m Crane Electrical Parts


Angle Sensor Crane Electrical Parts



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Product Description


Truck Crane Angle Sensor CJ-53m/60°-V A240600000159


Product Details:

Part Name


cable reel drum


Part Number A240600000159


Model Number








25Kgs Place of Origin China




Sany/30 Ton/STC300S, Sany/50 Ton/STC500E, Sany/75 Ton/STC75Y3, Sany/75 Ton/STC75Y2, 

Sany/50 Ton/QY50, Sany/25 Ton/STC250S1, Sany/20 Ton/STC200S1, Sany/25 Ton/STC250HY5, 

Sany/25 Ton/STC250H-I-Y5, Sany/25 Ton/STC250-I-2, Sany/75 Ton/SRC750C, Sany/20 Ton/QY20,

Sany/20 Ton/STC200S3, Sany/25 Ton/STC250-I-Y5, Sany/25 Ton/STC250, Sany/50 Ton/QY50CY3, 

Sany/25 Ton/STC250HS1, Sany/16 Ton/QY16A, Sany/25 Ton/STC250H, Sany/25 Ton/STC250HY4, 

Sany/25 Ton/STC250Y1, Sany/25 Ton/STC250S4, Sany/25 Ton/QY25A, Sany/25 Ton/STC250S3, 

Sany/25 Ton/STC250H1Y1, Sany/17 Ton/QY17-II, Sany/20 Ton/STC200, Sany/25 Ton/STC250HY7, 

Sany/25 Ton/QY25CY4, Sany/20 Ton/QY20A-I, Sany/25 Ton/QY25CS12, Sany/25 Ton/QY25CS13, 

Sany/25 Ton/QY25CS3, Sany/25 Ton/STC250-I-S4, Sany/25 Ton/QY25CS6, Sany/25 Ton/QY25CS8, 

Sany/25 Ton/STC250H-I-SR, Sany/25 Ton/QY25CS4, Sany/25 Ton/QY25CY2, Sany/25 Ton/QY25C, 

Sany/25 Ton/QY25CS11, Sany/25 Ton/QY25CS9, Sany/25 Ton/QY25CY12, Sany/55 Ton/SRC550L3, 

Sany/25 Ton/STC250H-I-Y6, Sany/25 Ton/STC250-ISR, Sany/25 Ton/QY25CS2, Sany/75 Ton/QY75, 

Sany/25 Ton/QY25A-I, Sany/25 Ton/STC250-I-S5, Sany/25 Ton/STC250-I-S10, Sany/35 Ton/SRC350,

Sany/25 Ton/STC250H-I, Sany/50 Ton/QY50CS5, Sany/50 Ton/QY50CS93, Sany/50 Ton/QY50CS1,

Sany/25 Ton/STC250-I-1, Sany/50 Ton/STC500Y1, Sany/75 Ton/STC750Y5, Sany/40 Ton/SRC840,

Sany/25 Ton/STC250S2, Sany/50 Ton/STC500S2, Sany/50 Ton/STC500S1, Sany/50 Ton/QY50CS3, 

Sany/50 Ton/STC500S3, Sany/75 Ton/STC750Y1, Sany/75 Ton/STC750Y2, Sany/75 Ton/STC75Y1,

Sany/25 Ton/STC250HY3, Sany/75 Ton/STC750Y4, Sany/25 Ton/STC250HY9, Sany/20 Ton/A1101,

Sany/50 Ton/QY50CS92, Sany/16 Ton/STC160S1, Sany/50 Ton/STC500Y2, Sany/50 Ton/QY50CY2,

Sany/50 Ton/QY50CY1, Sany/50 Ton/QY50CS7, Sany/50 Ton/STC500S-D2, Sany/50 Ton/QY50-II,

Sany/25 Ton/STC250HY6, Sany/50 Ton/STC500S10, Sany/50 Ton/A1103, Sany/25 Ton/STC250-I-S8,

Sany/55 Ton/SRC550L2, Sany/60 Ton/SRC600L, Sany/55 Ton/SRC550A3, Sany/55 Ton/SRC550C,

Sany/55 Ton/STC550-1C, Sany/75 Ton/STC750A-D, Sany/75 Ton/A1105, Sany/75 Ton/A1105-02,

Sany/20 Ton/STC200S-9, Sany/55 Ton/SRC550L, Sany/55 Ton/SRC550, Sany/55 Ton/SRC550A2,

Sany/50 Ton/QY50CS6, Sany/25 Ton/STC250S7, Sany/25 Ton/STC250S5, Sany/52 Ton/QY52Y2, 

Sany/25 Ton/STC250HYR, Sany/25 Ton/STC250S6, Sany/20 Ton/STC200-I, Sany/50 Ton/QY50CS4,

Sany/25 Ton/STC250-I-S6, Sany/50 Ton/QY50CY4, Sany/50 Ton/STC500S6, Sany/50 Ton/QY50CS2, 

Sany/25 Ton/STC250-I-Y6, Sany/25 Ton/STC250H-I-Y13, Sany/25 Ton/STC250H-I-Y14,

Sany/50 Ton/STC500-I-12, Sany/50 Ton/STC500-I-15, Sany/25 Ton/STC250H-I-Y17,

Sany/25 Ton/STC250-I-Y9, Sany/75 Ton/STC750S-D5, Sany/85 Ton/STC850S-D1C,

Sany/25 Ton/STC250S-1, Sany/50 Ton/STC500-I-Y5, Sany/75 Ton/STC750S-I-D1,

Sany/75 Ton/STC750S-D4, Sany/20 Ton/STC200S-7, Sany/25 Ton/STC250-I-12,

Sany/25 Ton/STC250H-I-Y4, Sany/55 Ton/STC550EYR5, Sany/50 Ton/QY50CY5,

Sany/25 Ton/STC250H-I-Y7, Sany/25 Ton/STC250H-I-Y3, Sany/20 Ton/QY20CS1,

Sany/25 Ton/STC250H-I-S1, Sany/25 Ton/STC250HY8, Sany/50 Ton/STC500Y5,

Sany/20 Ton/STC200-IS3, Sany/25 Ton/STC250-I-S9, Sany/25 Ton/STC250-I-Y4,

Sany/60 Ton/STC600Y1, Sany/50 Ton/STC500S16, Sany/50 Ton/STC500SR1,

Sany/50 Ton/STC500-I-Y2, Sany/75 Ton/STC75Y2C.0, Sany/50 Ton/STC500E3,

Sany/20 Ton/STC200-IS1, Sany/75 Ton/STC750Y2C, Sany/20 Ton/STC200S-2,

Sany/55 Ton/STC550EYR, Sany/25 Ton/STC250-I-8, Sany/25 Ton/STC250HY1,

Sany/50 Ton/STC500-I-S1, Sany/75 Ton/STC750Y3, Sany/50 Ton/STC500Y4,

Sany/75 Ton/STC750HY3, Sany/75 Ton/STC750HY1, Sany/20 Ton/STC200-IS2,

Sany/25 Ton/STC250-I-S3, Sany/50 Ton/QY50CS91, Sany/80 Ton/STC800Y2C,

Sany/75 Ton/STC750YR1, Sany/50 Ton/STC500-I-Y1, Sany/50 Ton/STC500-I-S2,

Sany/75 Ton/STC750S-D1, Sany/75 Ton/STC750Y8, Sany/25 Ton/STC250-I-9,

Sany/20 Ton/STC200S-Y1, Sany/25 Ton/STC250-I-R, Sany/50 Ton/STC500-I-Y12,

Sany/25 Ton/STC250H-I-Y8, Sany/25 Ton/STC250H-I-1, Sany/75 Ton/STC750YR,

Sany/25 Ton/STC250H-I-Y10, Sany/75 Ton/STC750Y6.0, Sany/55 Ton/SRC550C1,

Sany/20 Ton/STC200S-5, Sany/20 Ton/STC200S-6, Sany/25 Ton/STC250-I-3,

Sany/25 Ton/STC250-I-6, Sany/25 Ton/STC250-I-5, Sany/50 Ton/STC500-I-5,

Sany/50 Ton/STC500-13, Sany/55 Ton/STC550-R2, Sany/20 Ton/STC200S5.


CJ-53m 60°-V Crane Electrical Parts Angle Sensor A240600000159 0


Packing and Shipping:

1) Original packing

2) Neutral package & Carton package

3) As customer request



1. We can supply brand new, rebuild and used spare parts for our customer to choose;

2. We can supply any product according to your Part Number;

3. We can ensure the product we provide with most competitive price and high quality;

4. We can ensure our sale and service teams shows our high values of commitment, communication, expertise and trustworthy decision making from your first e-mail to the final delivery, and ask feedback of the service and product from you.



Q1: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
We focus on the crane industry more than 20 years, has the XCMG, Zoomlion, Sany heavy industry, and other Chinese brands a full range of spare parts data system of crane, is more than one brand spare parts of factory authorized dealers, in addition we have a strong supply chain resources, excellent quality and excellent service level, we are always responsible for our products.


Q2: What can you buy from us?

A: Different used Truck Cranes, and their spare parts, also can send us for checking if you have any needs of concrete machine parts, tower crane parts, excavator parts.

Q3: How long is your delivery time?
A: This depends on the quantity of the order, but for large orders, the time is generally 10-25 days after the order is placed. For small orders, customers can get the goods immediately.


Q4: How to ensure the quality?
Our powerful data system can ensure that the products you need are accurate and will not cause wrong delivery. In addition, we have strict quality control system, incoming inspection, outgoing inspection, and also have 6-12 months of quality assurance period, so that you buy without worry.